BETTER LIVING Leaf Skimmer Net Vacuum

Keep Your Pool Clean And Sanitary All Season!


When’s the last time you cleaned your poolHave you been putting it off because, let’s face it, cleaning the pool isn’t nearly as fun as swimming in it? We feel your pain! That's why we've racked our brains to come up with the ideal solution for pool maintenance and cleaning. We made it easier for you with the Leaf Skimmer Net Vacuum!



  • Skimmer Vacuum 
    Specially designed to vent under pressure when it sticks to vinyl pool liners. Its dual relief valves release the suction when the vacuum face becomes clogged or seals too tightly against the pool floor, which reduces strain on the filter-pump and prevents the vacuum from pulling up your pool lining. The unit is amply weighted to maintain contact with the pool floor and the overall design was inspired specifically with vinyl pools in mind.
  • Premium Quality
    The vacuum head is molded from ABS plastic and polypropylene mesh, making it comfortably lightweight and extra durable. Fine mesh netting efficiently scoops up even the tiniest bugs and particles.
  • Universal Fit
    The vacuum port fits standard 1.5" vacuum hoses and the handle has spring-loaded locking clips, making it easy to attach to standard extension poles.
  • Easy Usage 
    The skimmer moves effortlessly through the water. No more straining your arms! Just attach the Leaf Skimmer Net Vacuum to your existing filter-pump and a standard extension pole to the spring-loaded handle and you're ready to go! It is weighted so it sinks right to the bottom of your pool and stays there for easy cleaning!
  • Multipurpose Usage 
    Scoops out leaves, bugs, and other kinds of debris from your swimming pool, pond, hot tub, fountain, or large fish tanks. Leaves water sparkling clean and inviting.



  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Color: Blue
  • Net Weight: 850g / 29.98oz



  • 1 x Leaf Skimmer Net Vacuum