BETTER TECH Biometric Fingerprint Safe


To ensure our clients have a good shopping experience, we use 0.6INCH thick carton to protect the safe from damage during delivery. A good shopping experience is the best supporting to TigerKing safe.

Simply open the safe

The Home safe can be opened by fingerprint, with a passcode or with a key. There are three keypads, and between 3 and 8 different private passwords can be stored, in order to allow trusted persons to open your personal safe either by key or by code. Do not store the keys inside the safe!

Smart fingerprint biometric recognition system

The safe utilizes advanced optical sensor technology, even under conditions of variation in finger position, the recognition system can still recognize your fingerprints, and rapidly unlock and open your personal safe. Say goodbye to complicated numerical passcodes

Stylish Design and safety

The safe's stylish exterior and its sturdy structure are a fine complement to the interior design of your home or office. The base and rear of the safe have predrilled channels for four screws, allowing the safe to be firmly attached to floor or wall.