BETSE 5D DIY Custom Photo Diamond Painting - Make Your Own Diamond Painting Mosaic Diamond Embroidery

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Jackie Klocko

Everything is fine! The seller promptly answers and is very attentive to the requests. In 5 minutes edited my photo as I asked and posted an invoice. Delivery is fast, since it was paid extra. Included is a mosaic tool. We bought as a gift, but everything is fine in appearance. I recommend the store and the seller!


Ever wonder about taking your DIY art project to the next level by creating your own custom diamond painting mosaic with your own photos?

Betse Creative Services from Better Home Trends brings everything you need for your project directly to your home!

DIY Custom Photo Diamond Painting from Better Home Trends is a new handmade embroidery project that brings more fun and excitement than traditional cross stitch. Now it's all the more better and personal with your own custom photo. Unleash your creativity with our custom diamond painting kits. Spend a relaxing night in and create your own masterpiece. Everything you need is included. It's the best way to discover your artistic talent and have a relaxing, rewarding, and enjoyable experience.  Diamond painting is stylish, noble and elegant. Your finished paintings will be suitable for your living room, bedroom, study and your entire home!

Turn your favorite photos into diamond painting kits! Perfect for all occasions - from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to new babies! You definitely don't want to miss out on:


  • Easy Drawing - Fun and enjoyable for craft lovers of all ages!
  • Relaxing and Joyful - Let the stress melt away as you paint with diamonds!
  • Creative and Educational - This activity assists in developing many good habits, such as patience, concentration, determination, etc.
  • Enhance Relationship - Share the fun of painting with your family or friends. It can help to enhance the relationship between parents and kids, husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend when painted together!
  • DIY Home Decor - Create your own wall art. What can be more satisfying than decorating your home with your own art?
  • Perfect Gift - Whether it's for a birthday or Christmas, give them a gift they'll love!
  • Share - Post your own masterpiece to Facebook and watch LIKES pour in!


Painting Area  Full Canvas
Painting Photo Custom / your own ; please upload <5 MB photo file size
Diamond Shape  Square / Round ; please select
Diamond Material  100% Safe & Eco-Friendly 100% Resin Diamonds
Canvas Size  Medium /Large / X-Large
Canvas Dimension Please select according to Canvas Size selection
How to paint with Diamonds Review video below


(1) Select your diamond shape Most people prefer Square Diamond.

(2) Select your canvas size and dimensionsThe bigger the canvas size, the less detail is lost, so we highly recommend you to choose a larger size (at least 50cm across) to guarantee the best result. After you select your Canvas Size, please select one of the corresponding dimension options from the Canvas Dimension picklist. We offer a wide variety of dimensions for each Canvas Size to suit your project needs.

(3) Upload your custom photoMake sure to use high-quality photos because low-quality photos may yield poor results.

Order Now! 


Our Betse team uses newly developed resin 2.5mm, color-rich, with 16 facets 5D effect, and excellent gloss. It can process floral patterns and scenic, animal and other image patterns to create your custom diamond mosaic. Betse will create your photo on your canvas, pick the rhinestones needed for your project based on the colors in your photo, and ship you the canvas, the rhinestones and the entire toolkit needed for your project!

Our kits include everything you need to get started!

  • Premium Adhesive Canvas (With design chart)
  • Color Coded Rhinestones (Different colors in labeled bas)
  • Magic Diamond Applicator (Used to apply the diamonds)
  • Wax Pad (Used to pick up diamonds with the diamond pen)
  • Craft Tray (Shake lightly to sort your diamonds)
  • Tweezers (Used to apply the diamonds)
  • Plastic Bags (For diamond storage)
  • Printed Instructions
  • *Frame not included*

Free photo enhancements from Betse

Our expert Betse team reviews and optimizes each and every image before it's turned into a diamond painting kit. We make the following enhancements for you, as needed:

  • Basic Cropping & Framing: We will make sure the subject(s) of your photo are the focus of your diamond painting.
  • Shadow & Highlight Enhancements: We will make sure few details are not lost in the very dark or very bright areas of your image.
  • Brightness & Contrast Adjustments: We will assess to make sure your diamond painting is bright, detailed, and full of wonderful colors.
  • Optimized Color Correction: Sometimes, unexpected colors may turn up in your diamonds. Black areas in photos may contain shades of green or brown when converted to diamond painting. We'll do our best to keep color code your painting to retain color fidelity.


Free Tutorial: If you're new to Diamond Painting, watch this tutorial to begin your journey to this new world of art, fun and entertainment!


In a hurry? Process on a Page: 

Photo upload file size: Please do not exceed 5MB for photos. If your photo is very large, you can crop the image.

Canvas Dimensions: Larger the canvas you choose, better the picture quality. Here are some samples:


The same picture, the larger the size, the better the effect.