BETTER HEALTH Comfort Cushion 1pc Gel Orthopedic Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion and Travel Seat

Working From Home? Long hours at a desk takes a toll on your body?

As a team of people who spend countless hours at a desk, creating products to improve your well-being, we understand the pains you feel. Better Home Trends has the solution to relieve pain in the legs, butt, back, hips, and lower back. Our BETTER HEALTH Comfort Cushion for office chair is designed to mold to your body and provide soft and comfortable support so you can make it through your day with some energy to spare. As a chair cushion, it minimizes pressure in the lower body's key areas to provide improved circulation and reduces the effects of fatigue. Your suffering can stop here by adding our tailbone seat cushion to your arsenal of ergonomic support products.

We build our chair cushions with 100% premium memory foam, which utilizes body heat to soften and mold around your butt and legs. It provides customized support to relieve the worst pains, including sciatica. And the elastic foam bounces back to its original form after each use. Our office chair cushion uses orthopedic doctor recommendations and ergonomic contouring to cradle your lower body and improve support in all directions. The cushion's underside features a non-slip bottom that keeps your memory foam seat cushion in place no matter how often you change your position during the day.


This seat cushion is perfectly designed to support your tailbone and provide comfort to your whole body while you sit at your office desk. It’s also effective for car seats if you spend a lot of time driving each day and need tailbone pain relief. When you use this coccyx seat cushion, you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel after your day working. 

Let’s take a closer look at the unique features this product offers:

Pure memory foam

This seat cushion is made with 100% memory foam without any additives, meaning you’ll get the most out of this awesome chair cushion. The memory foam helps to correct bad posture and alleviate pain caused by sitting for long hours.

Heat responsive

The memory foam is heat responsive which means it will mold perfectly to your body, providing you with maximum comfort while supporting your body to reduce chronic pain.

Orthopedic and ergonomic design

This seat cushion was designed with a U-shape to provide ergonomic benefits as recommended by orthopedists to help reduce pain in the tailbone, back, and hips. The unique design alleviates pressure on these problem areas which makes it easier to sit all day without having pain. The seat cushion has curves in all of the right places and the memory foam allows it to contour perfectly to support your body.


Perfect for home offices

You’re missing just one piece to complete your perfect home office setup, and that’s the BETTER HEALTH Comfort Cushion! If you work from home all day, you deserve to give your butt a rest with this effective coccyx cushion for your office chair. This seat cushion is also great for people who spend hours in a vehicle, such as traveling salespeople or truck drivers.

Non-slip cover

The cover on this seat cushion has a non-slip cover so it won’t go sliding out of place while you shift in your seat. Additionally, the cover is removable and machine-washable, staying fresh with each use.

Lifetime replacement guarantee

If anything happens to your seat cushion, Better Home Trends will quickly send you a new one, free of charge!


 Material Pure Memory Foam
Length 17.00"
Width 14.00"
Height 2.00"
Weight 1.75 LBS
Warranty Lifetime Replacement guarantee